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16 Amateur Baseball Championships (Invite Only)
16 Amateur Baseball Championships (Invite Only) 07/22/2020 - 07/26/2020 Westfield, IN

Registration is currently open for the following divisions:

  • 16u
  • D1
X Teams Registered
COST: $1695.00 - $1695.00

Tournament Information

In 2016 we introduced the Amateur Baseball Championships (ABC), one of the nation’s premier summer events. The ABC was widely successful in 2019 and we are excited to expand the ABC into 2 seperate events for 2020.  This 64 team invite Only Event will be one of the top 16u events nationwide. This 5 game double pool play format will start Wednesday morning and culminate Sunday evening.  Teams will start in pools of 4.  All Teams will play 3 pool play games Wed/Thur.  Teams will then be re-pooled into either a Gold Pool or a Silver Pool.  Teams will each play 2 more pool play games Friday/Saturday.  Pool winners will advance to a single elimination winner take all bracket! in 2019 the ABC Series saw over 200 schools in attendance.  Don't miss your chance to play in this top 16u event next summer!


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63 Teams Registered
  • - 5 Game Guarantee
  • - Stay to Play
  • - Turf Fields
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Billy Copp
    • Assistant Coach Rick Balcaitis
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Jake DePew
    • Assistant Coach Seth VonBehren
    • Assistant Coach Tyler Latham
  • Coaches
    • Assistant Coach John Becker
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Lance Hanmer
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Eddie Acosta
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Thomas Schaffer
    • Assistant Coach John Ware
    • Assistant Coach Brandon Graveline
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Phillip Mcintyre
    • Assistant Coach David Bear
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Alex Razo
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Mike Makki
    • Assistant Coach Carlos Pena
    • Assistant Coach Orlando Martinez
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Shane Wilson
    • Assistant Coach Brad Essig
    • Assistant Coach John Rios
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach RJ FERGUS
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Ryan Wheat
    • Assistant Coach Max Medley
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Frank Gallagher
    • Assistant Coach Juan Sanchez
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Greg Blaesing
    • Assistant Coach Andrew Tehako
    • Assistant Coach Todd Boyette
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Bryant Asnicar
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Zack Pawlowski
  • Coaches
    • Assistant Coach Jim Marino
  • Coaches
    • Head Coach Tim McDonald
    • Assistant Coach Mitch Bohn